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Brandy Station

Brandy Station, VA

Project Details

We were hired to take down several dead trees in Brandy Station in a forested area. When we cut down dead trees, it’s important to consider the overall size of the tree, the type of tree (in this case, a poplar), what the property is like surrounding the tree and what the condition of the tree is. Trees that are decaying from the inside are especially dangerous because of the unpredictable nature in how they fall.  In the case of these trees, we had to set up extra safety lines to make sure the technician was safe and we had to work slowly and methodically, taking off the branches from the top first and working our way down to the trunk, which had to be removed in pieces.  We did not have to tie the branches and slowly lower them down like we usually do, because there were no structures to potentially damage as tree limbs fell.

What we did
Arlington, VA

Flagstone walkway

August 2023
Arlington, VA

Invasive Plants

Spring, 2023
Arlington, VA

Patio Remodel

Spring, 2023