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Patio Remodel

Arlington, VA

Project Details

 A couple contacted me about removing 50 year old boxwoods and other invasive plants in the area off their front porch. Their original idea was to let more light into the front of their yard and to incorporate native plants into their landscape. However, below the front porch, the couple had an outdoor table and chairs on some old pieces of flagstone and once the shrubs and invasive plants were removed, the couple decided to replace the old flagstone pavers with an upgraded and expanded stone patio.  After leveling the land and putting in footers, we began to build a retaining wall, although midway through, the customers asked if we could raise the wall to offer a comfortable and roomier seating option. The wall would be low enough for the patio to maintain a connection with the surrounding space but at the same time could define the area as a separate gathering space.  In the end, the couple decided to apply stone to the concrete steps that lead up to the patio. This is an example of a project that started out relatively small, that is, removing some bushes, but that grew into a project that really transformed their outdoor living space.

What we did
Arlington, VA

Flagstone walkway

August 2023
Arlington, VA

Invasive Plants

Spring, 2023
Brandy Station, VA

Brandy Station

Fall, 2016