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Invasive Plants

Arlington, VA

Project Details

A family I’d been cutting trees down for, for many years, inquired about having our crew remove invasives and non-native plants and shrubs.  The couple had been taking care of the yard since they’d moved to the house twenty years ago but it had gotten away from them. One or two summers without keeping up with the yard and the porcelain berry, japanese honeysuckle and English Ivy had taken over.  They had two goals: Get rid of the invasive plants (liriope) and weeds and start building a native garden.  We dug up all of the weeds and plants by their roots, cleaned out and shaped the bushes and trees and planted native plants and shrubs throughout the yard. And we mulched.  By next summer this yard should be a native plant haven.

What we did
Arlington, VA

Flagstone walkway

August 2023
Arlington, VA

Patio Remodel

Spring, 2023
Brandy Station, VA

Brandy Station

Fall, 2016