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Emergency Clean-Up

Lake Barcroft, Falls Church, VA

Project Details

A family reached out to me late one night after a series of powerful storms resulted in the splitting and toppling of several large trees in their backyard.  The treetops landed on the roof of their house and spread across the lawn, blocking access and damaging plants and shrubs. Our crew came at daybreak to establish a safe working area so contractors could come and assess the damage for insurance purposes. We removed the damaged trees, cut up the wood for firewood and cleaned up the yard, removing all debris.  Equipped with chain saws, ropes and pole clippers, we restored the yard to a safe and habitable space.

What we did
Arlington, VA

Flagstone walkway

August 2023
Arlington, VA

Invasive Plants

Spring, 2023
Arlington, VA

Patio Remodel

Spring, 2023